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Backhaul PTP PTMP

247Tech’s proven PtP and PtMP series solutions

If you’ve been looking to enhance the reach and performance of your home wireless network, you may have come over the term backhaul. Backhaul is generally used in “telecommunications” and signifies transmitting a specific signal from a remote network or site to another site, mainly a central one. 247Tech’s backhaul service implies a “high-capacity line”, meaning high-speed lines effective at transmitting high bandwidth at much-accelerated speeds.

Why Backhaul PtP/PtMP?

-Strengthens connection and provides last-mile aggregation.
-Provides direct access because of wireless network connection that can deliver hundreds of data streams.
-Enables systematic and unbound throughput for video, data, and voice.
-247Tech’s PtP and PtMP solutions tend to keep the cost low along with high reliability.

247Tech’s proven PtP and PtMP series solutions are being installed at several places, mainly in Africa and providing highly critical applications in alarming environments for the world’s most demanding users. Amidst leading real-world performance and approved security available for different companies/organizations, the PTP/PTMP series is your association to what matters, no matter what.
With the help of PtP (Point-to-Point), two different locations can be connected, generally at a specific distance of multiple km, significantly making an “Ethernet bridge”. Whereas, PtMP (Point-to-Multipoint links) helps to connect three or more than three locations, utilizing one Access Point or Base Station and multiple CPE devices or Stations interdependent to the Access Point.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech puts you first, bringing end-to-end solutions that are remarkably tailored to your specific project needs. Our solutions are based on specific years of innovation and experience-they tends to work hand-in-hand with class products and deliver future proof, cost-effective results for our customers. You can attain next-generation, optimized results with 247Tech.


247Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established in Month, Year as a supplier of modern IT enterprise products and solutions in Central and West Africa region. We have grown to become a reputed provider of electronic solutions primarily for Healthcare, Cyber, Banking, and Education industries for OEM buyers as well as in our own Brands. Our strength lies in bringing quality products at most competitive prices in each of our product categories.