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Internet, MPLS, IP Transit

247Tech provides the following types of Internet connectivity: Cable TV Internet connections, ISDN, Dial-up Connection, DSL, Wireless Internet Connections, etc. 


Discontent with your current Internet connectivity? Perceive that you’re paying plenty of amount for too little speed? Never mind, 247Tech’s here to bail you out. At 247Tech, you’’ get ultrafast Internet connectivity for your businesses. Our proficient engineers help you analyse the internet requirements and deliver the best solution to you. 


247Tech provides the following types of Internet connectivity: Cable TV Internet connections, ISDN, Dial-up Connection, DSL, Wireless Internet Connections, etc. 


247Tech’s MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) authorizes service providers and enterprises to build next-generation intelligent networks that carry through a wide variety of value-added and advanced services over a particular infrastructure. The given solution can be merged seamlessly over a pre-existing infrastructure including Ethernet, IP, Frame Relay, etc. Thus, subscribers with distinct access links can be accumulated on an MPLS edge in the absence of altering their current environments, because MPLS is independent of “access technologies”.

247Tech’s MPLS provides highly differentiated, scalable, end-to-end IP services with simple/easy management, configuration, and provisioning for subscribers and providers.

Why 247Tech’s IP Transit?

Provides an elevated level of security, reliability, and flexibility.

-One of the original Tier 1 networks, associating hundreds of end-users to their critical cloud services, applications, and content.

– Our solutions are completely adapted to our customers’ requirements and can be precisely adjusted if locations change and business grows.

-Mostly, our services are constructed dynamically and is cost-effective.

IP Transit connection:

A service wherein an ISP (Internet Service Provider) tends to allow traffic to navigate associated network to reach s specific destination.


For your company/organization to have ingress to all Internet routes, you would require to connect plainly with all “autonomous systems”. Thus, 247Tech’s IP Transit is a high-ranking option for a business having more bandwidth-intensive operations. IP Transit is considered to be essential for businesses that rely on reliable and continuous internet access. Nevertheless, how your products or business accesses the Internet, you will always require to use IP transit in remarkable capacity.

Why 247Tech?

1. 24/7 Support.

2. Assured Speed.

3. Affordable Prices.

4. Quality Service, Guaranteed.

5. Reliable and Flexible Services.


247Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established in Month, Year as a supplier of modern IT enterprise products and solutions in Central and West Africa region. We have grown to become a reputed provider of electronic solutions primarily for Healthcare, Cyber, Banking, and Education industries for OEM buyers as well as in our own Brands. Our strength lies in bringing quality products at most competitive prices in each of our product categories.