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Wi-Fi Access Points

247Tech is an esteemed network management place that provides easy plug-and-play management and setup. 247Tech enables easy monitoring, configuration, and management of your company’s or organizations’ wireless access points together with managed storage and switches.

247Tech’s wireless management features encompass

– Wi-Fi security configuration.

– Visibility into Wi-Fi clients.

– VLAN association and creation with SSID.

– Instant Wi-Fi for “automatic wireless configuration” in order to limit interferences.

– Reporting.

– Frequency band selection, etc.

Wi-Fi Access Point is a specific device that helps create a “wireless local area network” or “WLAN” and are mainly administered in large buildings and offices. 247Tech provide services associated with Wi-Fi access point which is beneficial for larger offices and buildings as it connects to a switch, wired router, or hub through an Ethernet cable, and forecast a Wi-Fi signal to a specified/designated area.

Why 247Tech for business networking?

-Provides reliability and top-notch performance for 5 years.
-Enterprise-grade networking at a suitable and fair price for small to medium businesses.
-Leading warranty, 24/7 support, and next business day replacement.
-Manifested Wi-Fi technology for millions of people in their businesses and homes.

We at 247Tech makes it more comfortable for people to find the just-right wireless, collaboration products, networking, and security for their businesses. All you need to do is answer a few quick questions based on your desired requirements.


247Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established in Month, Year as a supplier of modern IT enterprise products and solutions in Central and West Africa region. We have grown to become a reputed provider of electronic solutions primarily for Healthcare, Cyber, Banking, and Education industries for OEM buyers as well as in our own Brands. Our strength lies in bringing quality products at most competitive prices in each of our product categories.