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Shipment monitoring

Shipment Monitoring is responsible for monitoring or tracking the condition, location, and status of goods from “origin to destination” and receives touchless delivery authentication.

Shipment monitoring

Shipment monitoring is strengthening at a bewildering pace, developing in an array of the latest tracking devices that do almost everything from storing solar power for a long time to communicating with one other in the absence of human intervention.

Why Shipment Monitoring?

-Improves customer service.
-Auto-updates transport compliance paperwork.
-Protects high-value inventory in transit.
-No fixed infrastructure is required.
-Massive Scalability.
-Incident prediction and reporting.
-Reduces insurance costs and product shrinkage.

How 247Tech help?

247Tech’s shipment monitoring provide shippers with the potential to secure and locate shipment at any point in the “supply chain”. These advances allow shippers and manufacturers to manage inventory and prevent theft in formerly impossible ways.

Why 247Tech’s shipment monitoring?

-Trackers are attached to the packages at the origin’s location.
-Trackers discern when goods leave the source and track location as well as sensor data in real-time whilst in transit.
-Delivery is detected spontaneously and the trackers continue to detect until they’re detached from the package.


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